About Us

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Welcome to WinItNow Competitions! We are a competition business based in Stroud, focused on delivering unique experiences through competitions. Founded by Kyle Buckle and co-directed by Kieran Bendle and Jordan Cairns, we are passionate about giving back and creating exciting opportunities for our audience to win amazing prizes.

At WinItNow Competitions, we believe in transparency, fairness, and delivering exceptional experiences to our members. With over 700 members in our private Facebook group, over 700 followers on our Facebook page, and over 200 followers on Instagram, we have built a strong and engaged community who share our enthusiasm for competitions and giveaways.

WinItNow Competitions was born from a transformative moment in the life of one of its directors, Kyle Buckle. After winning a Tesla on a competition site, Kyle experienced a profound shift that ignited his passion for creating similar opportunities for others. This life-changing event inspired him to embark on a journey to share the thrill and excitement of winning with a wider audience. Determined to offer people the chance to experience the same joy he felt, Kyle founded WinItNow Competitions with the vision of providing unforgettable moments and extraordinary prizes.

His journey serves as the driving force behind the company’s mission to empower individuals with the possibility of achieving their dreams through engaging in competitions.

Join us as we continue to expand our reach, introduce new and exciting competitions, and enrich the lives of our community members. Together, let’s embark on an adventure filled with fun, excitement, and fantastic prizes.

Meet the team

Kyle Buckle | Founder & Co-Director 

Meet Kyle. With a background in design engineering within the oil and gas industry, Kyle brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative vision to the team. Currently, he serves as a local private hire driver, where his dedication to customer service and community engagement shines through. Married with two children and from the town of Stroud, Gloucestershire, Kyle values family above all else. When he’s not busy orchestrating exciting competitions, you’ll find him enjoying quality family time or exploring the scenic countryside with his beloved dog, Belle. Kyle’s passion for meeting new people, combined with his love for his hometown and cherished family moments, fuels his commitment to providing unforgettable experiences for the WinItNow community.

Kieran | Co-Director

From the picturesque Cotswolds, Kieran boasts eight years of experience as a skilled barber, honing not just his craft but also fostering strong customer relationships. Beyond the barber’s chair, he wears the hat of a director at WinItNow Competitions, where his business acumen shines. Despite his professional commitments, Kieran finds solace in leisurely countryside strolls with his family and indulging in the artistry of tattoos during his downtime.

Jordan | Co-Director 

Introducing Jordan, a Cotswolds native with an affinity for the simple pleasures of rural life. With a background as an electrician, Jordan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team, always ready to tackle even the most challenging of projects with a spark of ingenuity. When he’s not hard at work solving electrical puzzles, you’ll often find him kicking back with a cold beer in hand, enjoying some quality social time with friends. Alternatively, you might catch him out in the countryside, cruising along scenic routes on his bike, soaking in the beauty of nature and enjoying the freedom of the open road. Jordan’s passion for both his work and his leisure activities shines through in everything he does, making him an invaluable asset to our team and a joy to be around.